Welcome to Watson Kustoms Hand-Made Knives

Welcome to Watson Kustoms, thanks for stopping by. Here you will find previous pieces as well as some for purchase as they become available. I strive to create high quality, useable art that you will enjoy. I’m always anxious to learn and grow in my craft so check back often to see what new creations come about. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss the hand-made knife-making process. I look forward to working with you on your own hand-made knife and seeing what we come up with to make your own Watson Kustoms creation.


Note: Recently I created a special knife in honor of my good friend, Brian Parker, who has been battling a long hard fight with ALS. The knife was raffled to help with expenses involved in his recovery and I am very proud to say that in five years close to $30,000 has been raised with the yearly ALS fundraiser to help with the expenses involved in Brian’s fight!


All of Watson Kustoms knives are designed, cut out, profiled, ground and finished by hand by Chad Watson. Watson Kustoms works with the customer to produce a knife they will be pleased with, based off of designs Chad creates. The customer has the option of buying a knife that’s already made and is available or we can work together to create a special high quality hand-made knife just for you. All Watson Kustoms blades are Flat Ground for great overall performance.

Chad Watson - Knife Artist

About the Artist

Knife-making has been around for more years than humans can count but the art of knife-making is a process that is continually being examined, refined and evolved. More than just the tool of of a utilitarian, custom knives have become pieces of art that are appreciated by collectors the world over.

Chad Watson’s love of knives came at a very early age. Like many before him, Chad has a long history with knives dating back to well before he became an artisan himself. His father had a degree in engineering but decided to pursue his love of carpentry (a craft his own father instilled in him) after many years in the corporate world. Knife-making started for Chad as an artistic outlet, but it wasn’t long before family history dictated his certain destiny to work with his hands.

In his youth, Chad decided to pursue music, and did so for many years. The music proved to be fruitful and did well to satiate Chad’s artistic appetite. The music business, however, did not. Like many looking for rock stardom, Chad would eventually come to a crossroads where the decision was made to stop pursuing music full-time. Still, he needed some sort of artistic outlet to satisfy his need to create something from nothing. Much like his father and grandfather, who’s “clay of creation” was wood, Chad took pieces of steel and dove right into knife-making.

Taking cues from those before him and searching out endless amounts of information on the Internet, Chad invested in the tools he would need to start his journey as a great knife artist. Through his journey he has maintained an attention to detail and focused not only on stunning design, but also practical functionality. “If a knife can’t function as a knife then I haven’t done my job, no matter how nice it looks,” Watson says. “My hope with Watson Kustoms is to provide people with a knife you’ll be proud to own and pass down through generations.”

Timeless. Artistic. Functional. That’s the Watson mission. Chad works regularly on developing his own Watson Kustom collection of knives and is also commissioned to do one-offs and special orders. All of Chad’s knives are hand-made and the perfect mix of metal and rock-n-roll.